Program Planning

Contacts for

Cookie Mandell
Director of Membership Engagement, ext.304

Michelle Sandler
Communications Director, ext.306

Laura Rosh
Office Manager, ext.305


If you have a programming idea or need assistance with planning, please contact Cookie Mandell, Director of Membership Engagement.

Strategic Marketing Presentation

Strategic Marketing for Events Guide in PDF format (for meeting with Michelle/Cookie)

Strategic Marketing for Events Guide in Microsoft Word format (for meeting with Michelle/Cookie)


The first step in scheduling a meeting or program at TRS is to request a date and time on our calendar.

To schedule any meeting or program on the TRS calendar, please contact your liaison or Cookie Mandell.


After you have scheduled your meeting or program, please fill out this form if you need to track registrations. Please make sure to hit submit at the end.

Set Ups

After you have scheduled your meeting or program, please fill out this form to request a room set-ups and/or catering needs. Please make sure to hit submit at the end. If you are unable to submit it online, please print this form and mail, fax or email it to Laura Rosh. Please click here to view standard set up diagrams.


Download the Connection Submissions Format

Download the Connection Deadlines 2018

If you have a question with the Connection, please contact Michelle Sandler, Communications Director.

Connection Submission calendar:

August 17, 2018
October Connection Submission Due
August 22, 2018
October Connection Submission Deadline
September 11, 2018
November Connection Submission Due
September 14, 2018
November Connection Submission Deadline
October 19, 2018
December Connection Submission Due
October 23, 2018
December Connection Submission Deadline