Kol Machar Choir

Contact for
Kol Machar:

Cantor Michael Shochet
(703) 532-2217

Kol Machar is TRS’ youth choir for Temple members in grades 7-12.  Through the rehearsal and performance of Jewish choral music from the past and present, singers continue their pursuit of Jewish learning and have a great time!  Our rehearsals balance musical working and social time.    

Current Music

Downloading is for educational purposes only for Kol Machar members to learn the songs

We are One (new) (https://app.box.com/WeAreOne)

Lay’hudim (https://app.box.com/Layhudim)

Eliyahu Hanavi (https://app.box.com/Eliyahu)

Am Yisraeil Chai (https://app.box.com/AmeYisraeil)

Al Hanisim (https://app.box.com/AlHanisim)

Never Give Up (https://app.box.com/NeverGiveUp)

More Than Enough (https://app.box.com/MorethanEnough)

Lots of Latkes (https://app.box.com/LotsofLatkes)

The Latke Song (https://app.box.com/Latke)

Light One Candle (https://app.box.com/Candle)

Not By Might (https://app.box.com/Might)

Maoz Tzur(https://app.box.com/MaozTzur)